You, From now on, are not yourself


Tens of thousands of Palestinian people have been killed during the Israeli-Palestinian conflict; some chose to be martyrized, while the vast majority have been killed practicing their daily activities.

Martyrdom evokes both sacred and secular meanings. The secular sense suggests ‘heroism’ as one of its indispensable conceptual connotations, while the sacred is open to the absolute and the infinite.

Just after a martyr has passed away, the immediate action is the production of “the Poster”. Posters producers generally use a photograph taken from a family album, to which additional touches are added to create the heroic aspect, using a mixture of religious and political symbols and signs.

Goals of the project -exhibition-:

To bring into focus the political and religious phenomena which exist in Palestine and the juxtaposition of the political imagery with that of the basic human situation and the individual’s relationship to the “monument” as a personal epitaph to his/her ambitions, survival, and suffering.

Martyrdom is an everyday event that continues to perpetuate itself in Palestine, which means that all Palestinians are subject to death. If so, why not give everyone the right to choose and make his own poster, which has potential usage in the case of martyrdom? (The people on the posters in the exhibition are the ones who chose the background, the picture, and the texts).

War brings up a series of unclear situations- this deals with one area of the spontaneous imagery of the poster which developed in a seemingly ad-hoc way and its transmutation into a cult practice and dogma.